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Alex PC Tech Computer Repair, Service and Data Recovery

Alex PC Tech Data Recovery
Data Recovery

In-Store Diagnostic Fee: $49.99

This is your first step in recovering your data. We'll determine if a Level 1 in-store recovery is possible.

Hard drives hold all of your valuable data but are expected to fail over time. If this happens it can cause your computer to freeze frequently or not boot up at all. Depending on the state of the drive, it may be possible for us to recover your data and replace the drive.

Computer Repairs and Service.

Levels of Data Recovery

Level 1

  • Data accidentally deleted from a working drive

  • Data lost because a drive was reformatted


Level 2

  • File system corruption

  • Files deleted and then overwritten after continued hard drive use


Level 3

  • More severe file system issues

  • Light mechanical issues


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